About Us

-Company history and philosophy -

Cigars are not only a kind of enjoyment but also a life attitude for every cigar. From the previous aristocratic gadgets to the gradual popularization of cigars in recent years, more and more people are beginning to contact cigars and fall in love with cigars. For many urbanites, smoking cigars is definitely a good way to relax. Our philosophy is to provide quality cigars to every customer.

As a luxury, cigars, when purchasing cigars, pay more attention to the quality of cigars in addition to the price. Although there are many shops and online stores selling cigars on the market, the quality is uneven, and it is easy to buy defective products and fakes. Seeing this, the cigar kingdom hopes to create a shopping platform that allows customers to safely and confidently choose genuine cigars. The cigar kingdom has extensive experience in cigar wholesale and physical retail. At present, we have cooperation with many Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan merchants. Our goal in the future is to create a cigar culture ecosystem and become a leader in the industry. Another purpose of our online shopping platform is to make everyone have a more convenient buying experience: let you secure your home and easily place your order and enjoy the quality cigars we offer you.

-Company Profile-

Cigar Amoy is a one-stop cigar entity online retail store specializing in Cuban cigars, non-Cuban cigars, limited edition cigars and cigar accessories. All cigars are 100% authentic. We offer business packages, cigars, and delivery services. Regardless of gifts, business meetings and party events, please feel free to contact us.

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-Our advantage-

. Entity and online store operate at the same time, more reliable and more assured

. A wide range of cigars, offering Cuban and non-Cuban cigars

. 100% original goods, don't worry about quality

. Exquisite gift box, gift for personal use

. Use pressure-resistant packaging and moisturizing package to ensure safe arrival

. 30-day satisfaction guarantee, if there is any damage or quality problem during the delivery, please contact us to arrange a refund.