Top ten cigar brands that must be understood when going to Cuba

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Top ten cigar brands that must be understood when going to Cuba

Cuban cigars are a wide variety, unique in taste and healthier than tobacco products. Therefore, cigars are sought after by a large number of rich and famous people from all over the world. British Prime Minister Churchill once said: "I drink and smoke, but 200% health.

Cuban cigars are world-famous. The process of making cigars is a pure natural tobacco product that needs to be rolled out of the original tobacco leaves after drying, fermentation and aging. The plantations that produce the world's top cigars are located in the province of Pinar del Rio in Cuba. Looking at it, there are many kinds of cigars on the market. Here we list the top ten cigar brands that are most respected by the world according to the taste and popularity of cigars.

1. Cohiba COHIBA: Magico in cigar, legendary

Born in 1963, Cohiba is a king in the cigar world who has no one to know and deserves to be well-deserved. It is famous for the love of Cuban President Castro. At first, the brand was only presented as a gift to national political figures. Until 1982, Cohiba cigars began to be sold to the international market in limited quantities. Now, as long as you have enough money, you can enjoy the high-quality cigars of Cohiba, because the high price of Cohiba cigars is as loud as its name. For example, COHIBA's regular top BEHIKE56 sold 600+ in pcc, the price is not very scary. However, the appearance of the Cohiba cigar is full and smooth, and the smoke is rich and varied, and all of it is hand-rolled, so it is the ultimate pursuit of the senior.

2. Patagas PARTAGAS

This is a truly legendary cigar brand, founded in 1845, one of the oldest brands of Cuban cigars. It is characterized by a strong taste and a unique flavor wrapped around it. The comprehensive description of the D series No. 4 PARTAGAS SERIE D is only one sentence: “If you like this cigar, it is definitely one of the best Robbigan cigars on the market.” This is a powerful cigar that burns easily. The suction is smooth and there is a feeling of perfection. At the beginning, you will feel a strong and strong peppery taste, accompanied by the smell of cooked tobacco, which will last until about the middle. After the end, the earthy, woody, cocoa, and even caramel flavors will appear one after the other, and the taste will be sublimated at the end.

3. Monte Cristo MONTERCRISTO

The brand was born in 1935, with the famous overseas novel "Count of Monte Cristo" as the brand's creative blueprint. So far, Monte has included every specification that senior cigars need.

Monte is one of Habanos' most prestigious and acclaimed cigar brands worldwide. About half of Cuba’s annual exports of cigars are the brand, with simple brown and white labels on the cigar. Introduced to the world in 1935, the brand is still produced by the H. Upmann factory or the Partagas factory. Its distinctive taste makes the cigars feel happy and has a superior position in Havana cigars for 20 years. .

4. Romeo and Juliet RomeoY Julieta: a reputation in the world

This brand of cigar is as refreshing as its romantic name. As one of Havana's most famous cigar brands, Romeo and Juliet have a high reputation in the world, and their reputation for the Churchill size cigar is even more so because of the love of former British Prime Minister Churchill. The Churchill size cigar was launched at the 8th Cuba International Cigar Festival in 2006. The size is Lobtu. This cigar burns very evenly. The whole tasting process is very good and will not become bitter, but not strong. This suitable taste is very much in line with Asian tastes. Romeo and Juliet reflect the quality of the Cuban cigars in the nave, and this old brand with more than 100 years of history has always been the cigar that senior cigars dream of. The author also loves this brand of Short Churchill, elegant shape and supple taste, so that it not only represents a kind of romance, but also represents a kind of courage, courage and strength.

5. The famous name H.Upmann: It is the "good heart" of many senior customers.

This brand of cigars is legendary. In 1844, the German banker Herman Upmann started a cigar maker out of love for Cuban cigars, although his bank ended in the early 1920s. Declared a bankruptcy, but the cigar named after him has become a long-standing leader in the rich cigar brand of Habanos. The brand won a gold medal in the International Cigar Exhibition for seven consecutive times between 1862 and 1893. Seven medals are printed on the outer box of H. Upmann. The tobacco leaves used in the famous cigars are all produced in the tobacco growing area of ??Vuelta Abajo. The taste is medium-bodied, some models are soft and the flavor is unique, so they are the “good heart” of many senior customers.

6. Trinidad Trinidad: a unique Cuban cigar brand

Launched in 1991, the Trinidad cigar was designed specifically for Castro as a gift and only for important guests. In addition to him, other senior Cuban officials can only give Cohiba cigars, thus adding to this cigar. Mysterious. But that was before 1997. Since 1998, a small number of Trinidad cigars have also been sold on the international market, with 24 packs per box, unlike the usual 25 packs, but one is 50 packs. In particular, it did not choose Europe as the first stop for listing and chose North America's Canada and Mexico. In addition, the Cuaba cigar launched in 1996 chose London as the first stop and the 1997 launch of Vegas Robaina. In Madrid as the first stop. Trinidad and his face appeared in early April 1998.

At the same time, high-quality tobacco leaves are also a guarantee of the excellent quality of Trinidad cigars. Today's famous Piaget cigar was founded and developed by a second generation family member led by José Lamadrid Piedra. The Piedra cigars are available in six models, all made from traditional “handmade” craftsmanship and are representative of cost-effective Cuban cigars.

7. Friend · Monterey Hoyo De Monterrey: Gold growing in the soil

Founded in 1865, the friend is a world-renowned cigar brand. The quality, taste and flavor are among the best in the top cigars. They are also very high in all kinds of comprehensive scores. It is a high quality cigar. In 1860, Cuba's most famous factory, founded by tobacco producer Jose Gener, began producing this top quality Havana cigar, which was only available in the market in the mid-1970s. Its name is derived from the particularly fertile "Vuelta Abajo" region in southwestern Cuba. The Monterrey Valley, in Spanish, means "a valley of friends Monterey."

From a chronological perspective, a friend can be said to be one of Havana's oldest cigar factories. The taste of the friends is chic, thanks to the cigarette workers who have made the core of the La Corona tobacco factory. Among them, the friend HOYO DE MONTERREY Grand Epicure Edición Limitada 2013 is a limited edition of the second global release of friends.

8. Bolivar Bolivar: A memorable and intense aftertaste

Simon Bolivar was a famous revolutionary and strategist in Latin America in the 19th century. Through his own efforts, he led the people to liberate Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Panama from Spanish colonial rule. To commemorate this great figure, the Bolivar brand was founded in 1902.

The circle is used to abbreviated as "glass". Although Bolivar is not among the top six brands in Habanos, it is a brand that experienced by the world's most experienced customers. Its rich flavor is notorious. Many cigars who have finished the "glass" and then smoked other brands will even feel uninteresting. The "glass" cigars are very rich in structure and size, and the quality of the flavor and taste is very stable. In addition to the Royal Gauteng's taste is relatively smooth and soft, other models are very rich, strong taste. If you are a beginner, it is not recommended to taste the Bolivar brand from the beginning.

9. Bieda Jose L. Piedra: representative of cost-effective Cuban cigars

This brand of cigar is really affordable, and the quality is not bad. Because the cigar is made from tobacco grown only in the Vuelta Arriba tobacco growing area, and the price is much higher than other Havana cigars, it deserves special attention. The Willa Ali area has been a tobacco growing area since the 16th century. The Piedra family moved from the Asturian region of Spain to Cuba in the 1880s and settled near the city of Santa Clara in the heart of the Willa Ali region, beginning a career in the production of cigars.

10. Fonseca Fonseca: Clear and elegant

There are not many types of cigars in Fonseca, but it is very unique that each cigar is wrapped in white paper. It is very popular in Barcelona and has a large sales volume. Many people who have smoked the cigar are no longer changing their mouths. Fonseca is a "small fresh" in Cuban cigars. Because Cuban cigars are generally rich in flavor, this brand of cigars stands out, but it is light to medium-bodied, slightly salty and has a touch of nostalgic traits. It is the Cuban brand which is the most accepted by freshman who tasted cigar for the first time. If you are trying Cuban cigars for the first time, choose Fonseca, and its elegant flavor is also suitable for any occasion.

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