2019 Cuban new cigar release

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2019 Cuban new cigar release

As always, before the Cuban Cigar Festival, Habanos officially announced a number of new regular, limited and special editions. These are the news that Cuban cigar fans are looking forward to. Different from the past, a variety of new limited edition packaging is unprecedented.

Let me introduce the regular version:

Trinidad was founded in 1969 and this year is exactly the 50th anniversary. Trinidad had only four regular cigars before, and the models were relatively small. Three new cigars were introduced this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

When it comes to adding, there is actually a stranger to everyone. It is Topes, which is a limited edition in 2016. Due to its popularity, Trinidad Topes has been designated as a regular cigar this year, with a size of 56 x 125 (4.9′′). The other two new products are also thick and long, and the brand is defined as a short and thin image. Trinidad Esmeralda: 54 x 145 (5.7′′); Trinidad Media Luna (half month): 50 x 115 (4.5′′).

The Punch brand was founded in 1840. Although it has a long history, it has not many productions and models. Like Trinidad, the regular version currently on sale is only this

This year's new Punch is called Short de Punch. In fact, it is a short and thick cigar with a ring diameter of 50 and a length of 4.7 inches (120 mm). It is a box of 10 pieces of Luo Tu. Cigars. The launch of Short Punch just makes up for the lack of this brand in the Luotou model.

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